All About Aruba Retail Solutions

The digital environment is growing so there is a transition to a digital workplace which makes it critical to prepare your IT infrastructure. Aruba offers an integrated wired and wireless portfolio, as well as industry-leading advances in network management and security, to meet the challenges. Shoppers have high expectations, and Aruba can help you meet […]


HiSec Intelligent Security Solution for Active Defense

In cybersecurity, an active defense applies an offense-driven strategy that helps to detect and prevent external threats by attackers through ransomware, extortion and cryptojacking. Basically, it is a defense mechanism to outmaneuver an adversary and slow down the cyber attacker in order to expose the attacker. Huawei’s HiSec: Intelligent security solution for active defense bears […]


How application delivery controllers work?

The developers who are building business applications need an IT environment that allows them to work quickly and with full security. So we need to have web servers that are always available and protected. In today’s agile world, organizations are facing challenges in delivering critical applications to users. Companies are adopting appropriate networking technologies to […]

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