5 Reasons To Choose Juniper Network Products in Dubai


Today’s dynamic and ever-changing digital domain is changing the way we live and work. To meet the increasing bandwidth and efficiency demands of new and emerging internet technologies, smart networking solutions are required. Juniper Networks works with organizations all over the world to help them build high-performance networks. It provides services, networking equipment, and the JUNOS operating system. It serves the world’s best service providers, governments, banks, and other industries.

Obtaining Juniper Networks certification sets you apart from your non-certified peers and opens up a world of career opportunities. It also helps you gain a better understanding of Juniper Networks’ services and products and how they can benefit your organization. Here are five compelling reasons to select Juniper Network Products in Dubai:

  1. Top-of-the-line products for routing, switching, and security: Juniper does not try to be everything to everyone. Their primary focus is clearly on providing cutting-edge routing, switching, and security solutions. Juniper’s reputation is for speed and throughput; their products avoid feature overload, which can slow down comparable products. It has a much more modular and robust operating system.
  2. Exceptional value for specific needs: In the design of their products, Juniper focused on engineering for high data throughput, first for ISP networks and then for enterprise customers. Rather than relying on general-purpose chips and software, they use custom chips called ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) that are expressly designed for fast data transfer. The bottom line is that you will get great performance from Juniper at a lower cost than their other comparable product.
  3. Open architecture: Juniper, on the other hand, took a more open approach and built its entire product line from the ground up, using the same architecture and the same Junos operating system. Junos OS is a modular operating system based on the open-source UNIX-like FreeBSD. Juniper has broad interoperability with other vendor switches thanks to this architecture and a top-of-the-line market approach. It has also adopted the open networking standard OpenFlow as the foundation for its software-defined networking (SDN) initiatives and has a highly automatable infrastructure.
  4. Agility to stay at the leading edge: Juniper is unable to devote the same level of engineering resources to a wide range of research topics. It has a history of concentrating development efforts on routing, switching, and security. They have, for example, applied their resources to network virtualization, remote office support, and software-defined networks.
  5. It has quality assurance: Customers see Juniper — and other small-cap networking vendors — as a viable alternative to market power and premium pricing strategies. Juniper is not as large as Cisco, and its product line is not as diverse, but it can meet the core networking requirements of enterprise and service provider customers. Having Juniper as a network component or as a response to your RFP ensures that Cisco treats you fairly.

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