5 Tips To Choose The Best Switch For Your Network

Wired networking, although seemingly outdated in this era of wireless connectivity, is essential since it can counteract a lot of the issues and variables presented by wireless connections, such as protocol compatibility, interference, signal-obliterating wall materials in addition to poorly-designed antennae and radios that can slow speedy gigabit connections to comparative crawls.

A good wired connection can provide faster speeds in addition to reliable and stable connections in many cases. Understanding the importance of network switches is essential when it comes to choosing the right switch for your network. Here are some tips that would prove helpful:

1.Determining the role played by network switches
Network switches step in to fill the gaps created by issues with wireless networks. There are more ports to plug wired devices too, and network switches can also spread out some of the network load. This would free your router to provide internet connectivity to all the devices in your network that need to go online.
Network switches also assist infiltration of LAN traffic, movement of prioritized packets to the front of the line for smooth functioning.

2.Number of ports
Depending on your requirement and the number of devices to be plugged, there are options from four to even 48, or more, Ethernet ports. Some network switches have USB ports as well.

3. Power requirements
Subject to switch support, certain devices can be configured to get power over Ethernet.

4. Network speeds
Gigabit Ethernet is the minimum speed. However, 2.5GbE or higher is best recommended for the benefit of future devices.

5. Managed or unmanaged
An unmanaged network switch is ideal for wired internet access to a few devices only, recommended for most users. These switches also have functionalities such as QoS prioritization and loop detection too.
Managed network switches, on the other hand, are more secure and can monitor traffic for troubleshooting purposes or separate network chunks into their own VLANs. This requires compatibility between the VLAN and the router.

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