Ethernet switches function as a central station connecting computers and peripherals using either switches or routers. Cisco switches in UAE provide these networks through which applications can be shared and accessed easily by everyone on your work team.

Let us look at some variations of network switches:

Modular switches: If your network needs change, modular switches help you add expansion models giving you the flexibility of working according to application use.

Fixed configuration ethernet switches: These switches are fixed with several ports and are typically not expandable. They are further broken down into unmanaged switches, smart switches, L2 and L3 switches.

Unmanaged switches: Unmanaged switches are typically for basic connectivity. They work when plugged in and do not require any configuration.

Smart switches: Smart switches are a cost-effective alternative and are constantly evolving. They are lighter in capabilities and less scalable than managed switches. They can be deployed at the edge of a large network.

Managed switches:These provide the best application experience with comprehensive features that deliver a high level of security and control over the network. Managed switches can support both L2 switching and L3 IP routing though you will find some with only L2 switching support.

Businesses can benefit from routers and switches in the following ways:

Sharing applications:Routing and switching technologies allow your staff to have equal access to all your business applications and tools.

Speeding access to information: The network supplies timely information which is essential for prudent decision making.

Enhancing customer service: Provides ready access to customer information.

Reducing operating costs: Companies can save expenses by sharing equipment, such as printers and servers, and services like Internet access.

Improving security: Protects valuable business information by securing the application from viruses, spyware, and cyber-attacks.

Enabling remote connections: Work can be done from anywhere with access to company resources for more productive work.

Neo Data Technologies is the leading provider of CISCO network switches in UAE and provides routers and switches which are the building blocks for all business communications from data to voice and video to wireless access.


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