An Overview on Aruba’s Latest Work From Home Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges for IT teams, who were expected to provide work-from-home options to their end-users. Furthermore, they must manage these new technologies remotely, which adds to the complexity. Using Aruba’s solutions, you can create a work-from-home environment that keeps your end users productive while keeping your IT team safe.

Let’s take an overview on Aruba’s Latest Work From Home Solutions

  1. Aruba Central – Cloud Management:  Aruba Central manages all-in-one LAN, WLAN, VPN, and SD-WAN operations in remote and data center locations. The challenge of not only keeping your employees safe but also limiting the time your technology team spends in the field. Aruba Central provides you with more options for maintaining networking visibility and managing critical networking services. One of the reasons Aruba Central has become so important during these COVID times is that it provides IT, teams, with visuals and end-user experience data, both of which can help to improve the experience of employees working remotely.
  2. Aruba ClearPass – Network Security: With employees working from home, one of the major challenges that most businesses face is ensuring that networks are secure and efficient. With so many devices connecting to the internal network, IT teams require better technology to scan and monitor these connected devices. Aruba ClearPass Device Insight is intended to assist in the discovery and profiling of every device – wired or wireless – that connects to the network. The goal is to provide full-spectrum visibility of individual devices to patch vulnerabilities and mitigate cyberattacks.
  3. Managed IT solutions for your network : Businesses during the pandemic require increasingly complex network solutions to support their end-users. Furthermore, cybercriminals are attempting to profit from the unrest. It is difficult for IT teams to manage both end-user needs and ongoing security threats. With these challenges in mind, many organizations are opting to partner with service providers who can provide a secure, dependable network to their end-users, allowing them to focus on the needs of their business.
  4. HPE Greenlake for Aruba – As a service solution: With increased cyber threats, you could use some assistance in securing networks. If you’re looking for a cloud solution that’s compliant, scalable, and quick, check out Aruba’s HPE GreenLake, a network as a service solution. It reduces IT workload through data-driven automation and avoids network issues through advanced planning for required service expansions and simplified renewals.

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