HiSec Intelligent Security Solution for Active Defense

In cybersecurity, an active defense applies an offense-driven strategy that helps to detect and prevent external threats by attackers through ransomware, extortion and cryptojacking. Basically, it is a defense mechanism to outmaneuver an adversary and slow down the cyber attacker in order to expose the attacker. Huawei’s HiSec: Intelligent security solution for active defense bears the responsibility to build a smart ICT infrastructure security and active defense system. Neo Data has Huawei distributors in the UAE who aim to digitally transform commercial services.

Smart services like grids and meters have become a target for cyberattacks and need to be protected. These services are used by a large number of people such as smart transportation for metro gates that use mobile QR codes. They need to be connected digitally and their networks are often exposed to external network environments, which leaves them at risk from security threats that could cause havoc on entire transit systems.
Huawei’s active defense is designed to detect an attacker early in the attack cycle by confusing the attack surface with device decoys. They are led to think that they are engaging in their attack when they are being misdirected and are wasting processing power while providing the defender with counterintelligence. The forensic information gathered through an active defense can then be applied to prevention, isolation and threat hunting defenses to stop a live attack.

Huawei HiSec – an intelligent security solution based on software-defined security (SDSec) will help customers build smart ICT infrastructure security and proactive defense systems. They have experience in security for the past 20 years and construct an ICT infrastructure including security software and hardware products like firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, web application firewalls, device host security EDR, and anti-virus software and IoT devices such as cameras. Neo Data maximizes the distribution process with Huawei partners in Dubai to bring intelligent processing power to the edge of the network to provide customers with better network security protection.


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