IoT has emerged as one of the most important technologies in recent years. Now that we can connect everyday objects to the internet via embedded devices, such as kitchen appliances, cars, monitors which helps in seamless communication between people and processes. Due to the internet of things (IoT), there has been a rise in electronic devices that aren’t traditional computing devices but are connected to the internet to send data, receive instructions, or both.

Cisco Systems is developing technology for the future that is fully connected and where automated infrastructure will allow applications to accelerate business. The interconnection of devices, machines, and things enables you to generate and analyze data in real-time which increases operational efficiencies. The significant work benefits provided by the Cisco IoT solution will help the workforce to meet the increasing demands of the advanced analytical tools which provide unique business solutions and also security of the data. Due to the digital connected world, it has now become easy to cooperate and operate between physical machines.

Here are the key benefits of the Cisco IoT Network

  • Scalable resilience
    Reliable connectivity enables organizations to scale IoT initiatives while increasing the availability of existing infrastructure.
  • Reduce the risk
    Integrated security provides visibility and control to contain threats, easy compliance, and enforce policies consistently.
  • Consolidate OT and IT
    Enterprises can connect existing and new IoT applications more easily with support for OT and IT standards and protocols.
  • Remote capabilities can help you build operational resiliency right now
    Even in the face of uncertain and changing operational constraints, operational resiliency protects a trusted workplace and industrial productivity.
  • Keep utilities operational despite a reduction in onsite personnel
    Even in times of crisis, maintain workplace continuity. Employees should be able to monitor, maintain, optimize, and, if permitted, control aspects of an operational system from home or another offsite location.
  • Manage machinery or field assets securely from anywhere
    It allows staff to manage the equipment so the production is running smoothly. Your remote operations are always secured even when there is granular access down to the machine
  • When you can’t be on-site, keep an eye on the health of your assets and facilities
    By reducing worker contact, monitoring critical assets and locations makes your company safer. Even if your employees work remotely, you can still collect data on physical onsite conditions to aid in real-time decision-making.

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