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Key Benefits of HP Cloud Service Automation

Many businesses are now procuring their cloud services because cloud computing purports to do what IT has long promised: deliver more for less and act as a business enabler. This method of service acquisition frequently results in shadow IT. HP Cloud Service Automation is the key to making that transition safely. The alternative traditional IT approach, on the other hand, necessitates so much effort for managing infrastructure and applications that it prevents IT from innovating and delivering value to the business. It also leads to increased IT complexity and resource constraints.

HP Cloud Service Automation is a unique blend of software and services that provides a flexible cloud solution to deliver infrastructure and applications as a service. But many organizations are hesitant to make such a transition due to legacy investments and concerns about security, performance, and cost. It brings agility to apps and data everywhere by removing complexity and accelerating speed and agility through automation.

The key to managing hybrid delivery efficiently is to use HP Cloud Service Automation for cloud management. HP Cloud Service is a critical component of HP’s Converged Cloud strategy. The cloud operating system helps the organization in increasing agility by reducing costs, service deployment time is reduced and customers receive more value as a result. HP Cloud Service Automation supports HP Cloud OS, multi-vendor hardware, and multiple public cloud service providers, you can get a flexible platform for building and managing hybrid cloud services that liberate you from vendor lock-in.

Here are the key benefits of HP Cloud Service Automation

  • A self-service portal that is both simple and powerful: Using flexible, attribute-based service designs that accommodate many variations in a single offering, you can unify catalogs from multiple cloud vendors and simplify offerings.
  • Service designs that can be built once and run anywhere: Design cloud-agnostic service architectures to deploy and manage all of your hybrid IT services. Create a service once, and users can order and run it from anywhere.
  • For hybrid resources, there is a single point of contact: Provision and manage any combination of cloud and on-premise resources while keeping an eye on all deployed services.
  • Container workloads must be provisioned and managed: While deploying and scaling container hosts, create hybrid services that include both containers and traditional components.
  • Role-based access control and multi-tenancy: Manage access to services and the cloud – multi-tenancy provides each organization with multiple catalogs, while role-based access control allows users to access their approved options.

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