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Must Have Features while Choosing Ethernet Switches for your Business

Regardless of how big or small your business is sized, it’s needless to mention the significance of high-level network connectivity – after all, your enterprise’s reliance on its network is just irreplaceable; and this remains the base reason why companies can never compromise on their network quality.


Be it any important and urgent data transfers or your virtual interactions with your clients and the prospected ones (with whom you just cannot afford to let your company’s impression go down due to poor network issues from your end), or internal organisational connections with employees and other staff – your network strength stands at the core of every information exchange.

Important Features of Ethernet Switches

PoE Ports


The Power over Ethernet ports is a standardised provision through which data and power can parallelly be transmitted by ethernet through a single network cable. With this, the requirement for supplementals like cables, circuits, and power supplies vanishes.


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Network Security


For your ethernet switch, ensuring network security is essential. The switch must facilitate with MACsec (to prevent intrusions, passive wiretapping, and layer 2 security threats and enable secure data transfer channels). Additionally, the switch must integrate the cyber security platform – Software-Defined Secure Network that provides a shield against cyber attacks.




Your ISP may have been performing great in providing you with high-speed connectivity but incompetent switches can really shackle up things. It’s recommended to go for Gigabit ethernet (10/100/1000 ports).


Compatibility with Other Devices


The switch must possess interoperability in terms of its design and functionalities for being compatible with other devices and working with them efficiently.


Quality of Service (QoS) Support


Through this, the decided network traffic can be prioritized to ensure enough bandwidth for certain activities. For instance, voice data can be prioritized so that it may not hinder due to some heavy downloading.

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