Why Choose NEO Data as your Huawei Distributors?

Neo Data is an authorized Huawei partner and distributor offering a complete IT Network solution for SMB and Enterprise level organizations, we deal in a wide range of product lines. It is a global leader in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions. Designed to provide end-to-end coverage for telecom networks, devices, and cloud computing environments, maximizing value through the application of cutting-edge communications and information technologies.


HiSec Intelligent Security Solution for Active Defense

HiSec Intelligent Security Solution for Active Defense In cybersecurity, an active defense applies an offense-driven strategy that helps to detect and prevent external threats by attackers through ransomware, extortion and cryptojacking. Basically, it is a defense mechanism to outmaneuver an adversary and slow down the cyber attacker in order to expose the attacker. Huawei’s HiSec: […]