What Really Stands Out About HPE’s Speech & NLP Solution in 2021?

As workplaces continue to evolve, HP distributors in Dubai have accelerated their growth and responded to customer demands to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Speech and NLP are used across multiple verticals and are individually designed to the clients unique needs for the most accurate results like –

Financial services: Monitoring email, IM, and audio is a regulatory requirement for many financial institutions. Speech and NLP solutions from HPE integrate easily into surveillance workflows via flexible APIs and built-in connectors. This gets processed quickly into a highly efficient hardware footprint.

Legal: Video and audio are tough and time consuming for legal teams to review. Speech and NLP solutions from HPE help law firms transcribe and analyze data in a secure environment, freeing up time and cutting discovery costs. With connectors and APIs into leading legal platforms, reviewing audios becomes an easy job.

Best technology: From edge to cloud, HPE provides a complete, AI-optimized infrastructure with core computing solutions. AI solutions from HPE leverage your comprehensive portfolio of software, hardware, and storage, and integrate and optimize your workflow. This technology is time-tested and enterprise-graded for effective performance management.

Expertise: Teams at HPE have years of expertise delivering projects across multiple technologies and workloads. They also support data preparation, integration, transcription, classification and IT integration, deployment, and support.

STT is only the beginning of the journey. Other NLP tasks that can then be performed in the workflow after the STT includes search, sentiment analysis, and smart transcripts.

An NLP solution, whether STT is involved or not, consists of four primary components:

HP distributors enhance audio searchability while eliminating privacy issues associated with processing data in the cloud. Hewlett Packard brings together the right expertise and manages data with flexible technological solutions. To implement these solutions in your organization, get in touch with Neo Data Technologies – one of the leading HP distributors in Dubai.

  • Software to perform the STT and/or NLP tasks at hand.
  • The training engine is usually centered on GPU-based systems at the core.
  • Inference engine at the edge.
  • Services and support for the solution to maximize customer experience


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