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Why Should You Consider Cisco Network Switches For Your Business Network?

Cisco as a brand is well renowned and is a common name that comes to mind within the computer networking industry, on account of their breakthroughs in innovation and supporting businesses of all sizes. However, products to supplement the business network require reliability, trustworthiness and robustness as core values in order to make an investment in, ensuring they can handle all network needs and requirements.

Cisco Network switches are, therefore, excellent additions to your business network. Here are some reasons to supplement the same:


Cisco Network switches are superior quality and designed to last. Moreover, the built-in redundancy and resiliency feature in Cisco hardware as well as software help boost network uptime, thereby improving IT productivity and ensuring that the network is running and is well optimized.


Cisco network switches have embedded security features that help determine flaws, attacks and unsolicited users and intrusions. Comprehensive defences against threats are offered, which boosts network security from intrusion detection to effective threat management.

Product Intelligence

Cisco network switches are aimed at improving productivity and customer experience as well. The network switches provide application control and visibility, in addition to intelligent traffic management to assist with business-critical traffic prioritization over recreational traffic.

End-to-End Solution Offering

The wide range of Cisco products and services in the networking industry facilitation connection, collaboration and business protection. The network switches are tested for Cisco product compatibility. Cisco routers offer high speed internet in addition to impressive security features. Wireless access points add incredible range to WiFi signals, translating to a large amount of products with compatibility to help build the network.

Simplicity in Deployment

Cisco network switches are easy to operate and manage. This helps reduce IT management time by nearly 75%, which frees the IT team to focus on scaling and optimizing switches over dealing with daily issues and trivial hangups and delays.

The network switches have zero-touch deployment in addition to a GUI based network management which enables centralization of the management of switches. The software works across all major operating systems so that the products are accessible and intuitive to operate.

Cisco network switches are a valuable addition to your business’ network. For more information about Cisco’s network switches, do check out Neodata – among the leading Cisco switch distributors in Africa.


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