Huawei Partners in Dubai, UAE & Africa

Huawei vision and mission is to bring digital to everyone. It drives ubiquitous connectivity; brings cloud and AI and builds digital platforms to help all organizations become more agile and dynamic.

As a partner with Huawei Enterprise, Neo Data provides Huawei’s portfolio of cloud computing, enterprise networking, datacenter, collaboration and enterprise LTE solutions, including specialization in network energy.

Currently, Huawei provides intelligent IP network solutions tailored to campus network, data center network, WAN, and network security scenarios. Boasting super capacity, intelligent experience, and autonomous driving, these offerings help build a fully connected, intelligent world.

Neo Data Technologies has become one of the trusted resellers of Huawei products including Huawei Wireless APs, Huawei Servers, Huawei Firewall, Huawei Contact Center, Huawei switches and routers, Huawei Storage and Huawei consumer products.

Huawei products & ICT solutions meet the needs of networks of all sizes.

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