Networking products are important technologies for your business. Routers, switches, and wireless access points make business possible in today’s data and technology-driven world. Security has become one of the important parameters in today’s digital business environment. They must become more agile and quickly respond to market shifts. People have started working remotely so more data is shared on the cloud. Using the right product for your network security is important.
Cloud storage helps in storing data with per-user pricing structures. Just having a cloud network connection is not enough. Businesses must ensure that all the stakeholders are connected to the cloud. Cisco products have the latest networking solutions that keep employees connected and productive wherever they are. Their products meet all requirements for security, reliability, high-performance connectivity to all business locations.

The advancement of technology makes one’s enterprise improve network security for avoiding a data breach. Cisco products help the business network to grow, these products have video surveillance, integrated messaging, wireless applications, and voice-over IP ( VoIP). Switches and routers from Cisco are easy to install, use, manage but purchasing them from the right Cisco partner in Dubai is also important. Technology should help you work more efficiently, not take time away from other projects that are critical to your business. Designing your network with reliability will help you continue your business that you need to recover quickly from unplanned events.

Here are some Cisco products that can help you start with the right network to fit your small and medium-sized business :

Routers: Routers connect multiple networks and enable all networked computers to share a single internet connection which saves money. It helps to connect businesses to the world, protects data from threats. It helps in connecting multiple switches and their respective networks to form even a larger network.

  • Switches: Switches facilitate sharing of resources by connecting all computers, printers, and servers to a business network. They help to share information and talk to each other virtually and building a small network is not possible without switches and devices tied together.
  • Wireless: To create your wireless network, you can choose between three types of deployment: centralized, converged, and cloud-based deployment. Cisco offers simple-to-deploy, flexible, and secure wireless solutions designed to enable your employees and customers to communicate.
  • Access Points: Access point allows devices to connect to the wireless network without cables. It makes new devices connect easily and provides flexible support. Access point helps in extending the bandwidth so that the network can connect multiple devices and also provides network security.

Neo Data Technologies is one of the most trusted and reliable Cisco distributors in Dubai for network security solutions. They provide intelligent IP network solutions tailored to the campus network, data center network, WAN, and network security scenarios


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