Scalar tape libraries

Everything You Need To Know About Quantum Scalar Tape Libraries

Quantum Scalar Tape is a cost-effective and secure storage option that requires little power for data storage over long periods and is a crucial component in the fight against cyber threats. Quantum Scalar Tape has also emerged as a key part of cloud and hyperscale infrastructure since it provides secure & long term storage for compliance, digital media and archiving of images. Therefore, the largest data centers on the planet are extensively using Quantum Scalar Tape for their storage requirements.

Quantum Scalar Tape libraries start as small as three rack units and 25 slots, scaling as large as over 20 racks in size. Each module offers capacity-on-demand (CoD) licensing, with designs that can be configured to accommodate data growth.

Scalar iLayer proactive diagnostics software constantly monitors the Quantum Scalar Tape library environment, including media, tape drives and the tape library itself. Degraded conditions, such as media and drive conditions, can be determined and proactively alerted to make Quantum Scalar tape management simpler, all the while contributing to the minimization of downtime.

Quantum Scalar Tape libraries offer cyber resilient solutions as small as a few tapes, scale within a rack, or start at a full rack to grow according to storage needs. Automated security features enable efficient storage and management of offline copies, keeping them out of the reach of ransomware or other malware. Scalar security framework includes exclusive features with increased security levels such as active vault, logical tape blocking and ransom blocks.

Quantum scalar tape libraries offer several great benefits, the most notable being low cost, long term storage. They reduce overall cost with space efficient designs, iLayer Proactive diagnostics and analytics, automated reporting and monitoring, in addition to integration with cloud-based AIOps software in order to reduce administrative time.

Modular designs simplify added storage slots for capacity growth, driving for greater performance. Capacity-on-Demand slot licensing provides storage granularity, allowing for more efficient management of storage costs in a pay-as-you-grow approach, with capacity scaling from 1,125 TB up to 540 PB, subject to LTO-9 compressed capacity.

Quantum scalar tape libraries are the most secure tape libraries on the market, with over 25 unique features and capabilities forming comprehensive security frameworks that control system access, providing system monitoring and event detection, data security and encryption, in addition to unique features for cyber protection and data integrity.

Comprehensive set of high-availability features ensure the operation and accessibility of systems. Redundant power supplies and path failover for robotic control and data path provide fault tolerance required in enterprise systems. Moreover, intelligence built into iLayer software provides higher levels of availability as advanced features like power and environmental monitoring, proactive diagnostics, media and tape drive reporting identify trends and notify users of issues prior to occurrence of fault, thereby enabling proactive library system control and thus improving, and maximizing, uptime and reducing downtime drastically.

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