Next gen firewall

What are the best next-generation firewalls (NGFW)?

Firewalls are a standard security tool for the majority of businesses, but in today’s changing threat landscape, only next-generation firewalls can provide adequate protection.

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a security appliance that analyzes the network traffic and applies rules to prevent potentially harmful traffic. Traditional firewalls’ capabilities are evolving and being supplemented by NGFWs. They perform all of the functions of firewalls, but more powerfully and with more features.

Fortinet FortiGate: It is a set of next-generation firewalls that include an intrusion prevention system that can detect threats automatically. It aids in threat detection powered by AI, which can inspect plain text or encrypted traffic and identify cyber-attacks. The key features of an NGFW are an intrusion prevention system, AI–threat detection, SSL inspection, and a centralized management console.

Juniper Networks: They are a set of firewalls and SD-WAN solutions intended for use in private, hybrid, and public cloud environments. The firewall combats online threats by scanning incoming traffic with deep packet inspection to detect viruses, malware, and other malicious attachments. The firewalls also include Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention, which uses machine learning and advanced malware analysis to identify known and unknown threats.

Cisco: The Cisco Series can detect indicators of a network compromise and respond automatically. Regular signature updates ensure that the IPS is ready to detect new online threats. Simultaneously, advanced malware protection detects and prevents malware from entering your network. You can manage firewalls, application control, URL filtering, and malware protection through centralized policy management.

Sophos: It is a set of next-generation firewalls that use threat intelligence and intrusion prevention to detect and prevent unknown threats. Deep learning is used in threat intelligence to detect zero-day threats. This enables the firewall to respond automatically, such as quarantining malicious content to prevent it from spreading to other systems. A web application firewall guards against Layer 7 web-based attacks. Similarly, an anti-spam solution is available to protect the user’s inbox from threats such as phishing attacks and spam.

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