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All About Aruba Retail Solutions

The digital environment is growing so there is a transition to a digital workplace which makes it critical to prepare your IT infrastructure. Aruba offers an integrated wired and wireless portfolio, as well as industry-leading advances in network management and security, to meet the challenges. Shoppers have high expectations, and Aruba can help you meet those expectations while also addressing competitive pressures with cutting-edge technology by assisting you in delivering smart digital shopping both in-store and online. They also personalize the shopping experience to increase customer loyalty at a time when it is in short supply.

How can you support the rapid growth of IoT-connected devices while also providing secure connectivity to cloud and data center services with an increasingly remote workforce?

Aruba enables retailers to provide users and devices with the appropriate access. The network determines the type of device requesting a connection and applies the appropriate access policy to network sessions with the device. Whether it is a customer’s mobile device or a laptop used by some technician. Retailers can deploy a single network infrastructure that meets certain requirements by utilizing Aruba products and services. A single physical network of Wi-Fi access points, switches, and branch gateways can be efficiently deployed and effectively managed in stores.
Retailers can rely on the wireless network to support a wide range of devices that helps in the work. The Aruba retail solution can support and secure emerging IoT solutions. Aruba assists retailers in providing a better shopping experience to their customers. Aruba wireless technology offers a customer engagement network, which is an infrastructure that enables retailers to interact with customers for driving sales.

The main advantages of Aruba retail solutions

  • In-store connectivity must be reliable for all customers
    Poor in-store connectivity can lead to a bad experience. Customers and associates require immediate access to inventory and easy checkout services. You can keep everyone connected and happy with Aruba’s robust networking.
  • Centralized store management: Manage hundreds of locations with a single solution. Learn how Aruba’s solutions can help you improve operations and deliver better services that relieve the burden from IT.
  • Secure devices and IoT: Understand your network’s devices and what they are doing. Aruba ClearPass Device Insight can help you secure the influx of this technology.
  • Shopper insights: With Aruba location analytics, you can bridge the physical and digital gap. Collect and analyze mobile device data to better understand in-store purchasing patterns and to provide location-based contextual assistance.

Aruba provides intelligent IP network solutions tailored to the retail network, data center network, WAN, and network security scenarios. There are many Aruba distributors in the market. Neo Data Technologies is one of the most trusted and reliable Aruba partners in Dubai for network security and retail solutions.


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