An Overview On Fortinet CTAP

Cyber attacks and security breaches are real threats to businesses of all industries, worldwide. Mature ecosystems and increased attack surfaces have made it ideal for unwarranted attacks to take place, making it increasingly important for companies to be vigilant and cautious about protecting their IT assets.

This is where Fortinet’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program, or CTAP, comes into play. The program is specifically designed to enter a company’s network traffic and determine Indicators of Compromise, providing blueprints on reducing and enhancing network security and efficiency to customers.

Fortinet’s CTAP provides international grade protection on account of expansion to global organizations. It also provides a free program that empowers companies to actively inspect and study their network, in addition to monitoring the current accuracy of security, user productivity, application usage, and user performance via Fortinet’s guidance and inputs.

Installation of FortiGate high-performance enterprise firewall within the network ensures that users can instantly monitor application traffic traversing the network for malware, intrusions, and malicious applications that would pose a risk to the network. It is important to prioritize the protection of your organization and valuable data from threats prior to any serious damage or breaches with Fortinet.

The benefits of Fortinet’s CTAP are that it is quick since it executes the monitoring process within seven days. It is easy with minimal to zero interruption to your infrastructure and is comprehensive in terms of security, productivity and performance too.

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