Everything You Need To Know About Ubiquiti Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a technology that collects and transmits payment information from the customer to the acquirer. It is what keeps the payments ecosystem running smoothly by allowing consumers and businesses to make online payments. You don’t need to be a payment gateway expert if you are an online merchant, but it’s worth learning the fundamentals of how an online payment flows.

The Ubiquiti Payment Gateway (UPG) for UISP’s CRM module allows ISPs to easily set up online payments, with no complicated registration or configuration required. It is no longer necessary to set up a third-party online payment gateway account and link it to UISP. UPG makes this possible with a few mouse clicks, and on top of that, UPG charges an industry-leading processing fee of 1.9 percent +30c per transaction. Set up UPG, no contract required, no hidden fees, and your clients can start paying for their services online or setting up credit card auto-payments right away.

Ubiquiti Networks is intended to be used in conjunction with compatible UniFi Enterprise Systems to provide routing and security to your local area network. Features such as improved user experience and the ability to obtain a network overview enable you to manage nearly every aspect of your network. For greater control over large network deployments, you can even create LAN and WLAN groups per UniFi device. Here are some things you should know about the Ubiquiti Payment Gateway.

Payment Processing made simple and affordable

There’s no need to create accounts with other payment gateways or use a separate site to manage your subscriptions – simply activate the UPG with a few clicks, go through our quick onboarding process, and you’ll be up and running in no time. If you are currently paying for your subscriptions with another method, you can easily switch to the UPG from the billing settings. If you prefer to continue using your current payment processors, we will continue to support them.

Automatic payments

We have been working on more than just the UPG. We understand how time-consuming it can be to manage monthly payments. That is why we have included auto payments in the most recent CRM release. It is possible to enable it in the billing settings. Auto payments can be set to occur at the creation date of the invoice or the due date. There’s no need to keep track of due dates any longer.

Enhanced user experience

The revised UI, which has been redesigned to be more intuitive and easier to use, raises the bar for enterprise network management efficiency. Important network details are logically organized to create a simple yet powerful interface.

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