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Juniper Networks SRX345 Services Gateway Overview

The SRX345 Services Gateway consolidates routing, switching, security & WAN interface for organizations. The advanced threat mitigation capabilities ensure that the services gateway provides cost effective solutions in addition to secure connectivity across distributed enterprises. The services gateway simplifies network complexity, in addition to improving user & application experience and protecting network resources while prioritizing them.
The SRX345 Services Gateway has a 5 GBps capacity and is 1 rack unit (U) tall. The service gateway consists of eight 1 G Ethernet ports, one management port, eight 1 G SFP ports, 4 GB of DRAM memory, 8 GB flash memory and four Mini-Physical Interface Module (Mini-PIM) slots. The chassis installs in standard 800-mm (or larger) enclosed cabinets, in addition to 19 in. equipment racks or telecommunications open-frame racks.

Listed below are some of the features of the Juniper Networks SRX345 Services Gateway:

    1. High Performance: Addresses the future needs for feature capacity as well as for scale.
    2. App Control & Visibility: Controls & prioritizes traffic on the basis of application & use role, and inspects applications inside SSL-encrypted traffic, detecting the same as well.
    3. High Security: A more reliable, secure & fast overlay link over public internet is created, which employs anti-counterfeit features to protect from unauthorized hardware spares.
    4. Continuity of Business: The SRX300 line of services gateways supports multiple WAN interfaces that have dial-on-demand backup in addition to route/link failover on account of real-time link performance.
    5. Threat Protection: The SRX300 line of service gateways enables default zone-based firewall that offers malware protection and attacks with antivirus and IPS, with open threat intelligence integration by third-party feeds.
    6. Ease of Management & Scalability: Simple, easy-to-use on-box GUI for local management is offered by this solution, in addition to centralized management for auto-provisioning and more.

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